Museum of Anthropology, 2009

The 'Museum of Anthropology' was Tom Saunders' graduating show at Camberwell Art College in 2009. The piece comprised an internal and external element: on the front of the building, two large flags were installed which 'retitled' Camberwell Art College as the 'Museum of Anthropology', with the aim to alter the experience of the audience member from being someone looking objects of fine art, to someone looking at the material culture of young people with artistic aspirations.

The piece was completed by the 'Museum of Anthropology' Souvenir Shop, which sold limited editions of graduating students work, monochromatic postcards with various statements from the era of institutional critique printed on the reverse, and small artworks by Tom Saunders. 

Museum of Anthropology, 2009. Installation view.

(foreground) Museum of Anthropology Souvenir Shop - Fight Ignorance and Apathy Mugs (by Mark Read), 2009. Inkjet on mug / (background) 'Total Recall' by Europic Art/Tom Saunders.

Museum of Anthropology Souvenir Shop  —  The Adorno Bib, 2009. Print on fabric.

Museum of Anthropology Entrance Flags  —  2009. Vinyl, steel.

Museum of Anthropology Souvenir Shop Information Desk, 2009. Paper, business cards, CDs, mousemat.

Museum of Anthropology, 2009. Installation view.


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