Installation Overlays

Objects in pristine architectural space, glowing in the light reflected off the immaculate white walls. They want to talk to you; they are trying to say something. Approaching, you anticipate an encounter that will catalyse a chain of thoughts and memories. Maybe you will be forced to reconsider your place within an infinitely complex socio-economic network. Yet as you approach the object, it retreats. The intense light makes you wonder if it was a mirage. Do you recognise where you are? What have you come for? Why are you still here?

Jeong/Kriemann, 2018. Acrylic and inkjet on canvas, 90 x 160 cm.

Craft/Lewitt, 2018. Acrylic and inkjet on canvas, 100 x 80 cm.

Lewis/Honglei, 2018. Acrylic and inkjet on canvas, 100 x 80 cm.

Dodge/Tse, 2018. Acrylic and inkjet on canvas, 90 x 160 cm.


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